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Shooting TFP with Michael Maze

Whether you reached out to me for a “trade shoot” or a “test shoot” or I reached out to you for one, either way my goals for shooting TFP (stands for Trade for Print) remain the same. Before I get into it however, let me make it know that I LOVE TO SHOOT! It is my hobby that I get paid for. But sometimes even if I am not getting paid, I just want to create super cool images. The awesome results we get by working together and the time I spend shooting you and editing your images is payment enough. However, please understand that shooting is a significant investment of my time and equipment. We may spend 2-3 hrs shooting together, but that is only 1/4 of the time I will end up spending on the images we get. Sorting, selecting and editing take up the majority of the time. I can spend up to 90 minutes editing a single image!

1. I do not shoot TFP with the goal of getting your portfolio built up with its basic images (such as head shots, bikini shots, standard glam and/or fashion shots, etc.) While these shots are indeed critical to any models’ portfolio, they are not as fun for me to shoot and therefore do I charge $$ to shoot them.

2. Along the same lines as point 1, I also do not want to shoot standard, overdone, non-creative shots when shooting TFP. If I am going to invest my time and talent and the wear and tear on my equipment, I want results that kick ass. This means they are not normal. They are edgy. They evoke emotions. They have seductive undertones and flirt with sex appeal. How do you and I achieve such images? By both doing our parts. My part is to capture you in unique compositions and angles using creative lighting and settings. Your job is to NOT BE NORMAL! Generally speaking the more animated you are, the stranger you are, the off the wall you are, the less reserved you are, the better the images will be. Without a doubt the best models dare to do goofy awkward stuff, they dare to let loose and TRY NEW THINGS! So, if you are not willing to follow my suggestions and instructions for fear “it might not look good” or you feel “it will be too awkward” then we should not shoot together, or you should just pay me to shoot you and get all the comfortable shots you want. If you really really want to shoot with me but are afraid you might be too nervous or anxious to let loose, please don’t let that stop you. Once we meet (and you see how easy going and fun I am) and start shooting you will loosen up. I do, however, find that a glass or two of wine helps or a shot or two of your favorite liquor. Alcohol minimizes your rational conscious mind letting your uninhibited subconscious out to play. I can’t tell you how many times being just a little buzzed has dramatically helped the results of the shoot. HOWEVER, I do not want you to get drunk! There is a sweet spot between sober and drunk that is just awesome for getting creative to accomplish the types of images I am after. Also, I have had the distinct displeasure of shooting with pilled out, super high or otherwise messed up models and that is simply no fun either. If you are an addict that can’t be in control during our shoot then let’s just save ourselves the misery and not book our shoot together to begin with. Ok? Ok! :)

3. If I have agreed to shoot TFP with you it is because I like your look, I like your social media following or we are good friends…or all three. No matter the case, I will give it my very best effort to get the most bad ass images possible. Here is what you can expect during our shoot:

A: Depending on our time, we will shoot several outfits/looks/poses

B: Nothing is off limits except porn. I do not shoot porn.

C: I like to listen to music. Anything but country or offensive-style hip hop.

D: I like to joke, converse, have fun. So please bring your personality! Let’s make it fun;)

E: I will shoot 300+ images

F: Later once I upload all the images to my computer, I will go through and delete the obviously bad ones and I will upload the good ones to my dropbox account and send you the link.

You then can go through them and select your favorite 50 or so. It is from these 50 I will select the best 5 to 10 to edit. If you don’t happen to choose an image I simply love and that I want to edit no matter what, I will let you know which one it is and you can tell me your thoughts on it. I have come to realize that images I think absolutely kick ass from an artistic standpoint the model may not like because of the way her body looks. If this is the case, TELL ME!!! I can tuck in tummies, make thighs smaller, make boobs bigger, smooth out skin etc. etc. etc. So if I really like an image and you are ok with it other than a certain something on your body let me know. If I can’t edit it to your liking I will still use the image, just may not tag you when I post it to FB or IG.

H: Be patient! I have a full time day job and a secondary job (my ebay business) that takes up my time. Photography fills in the gaps. If you are in a hurry for images that you simply MUST have for some reason, pay me. I promise I will edit all images on time if I am getting paid. Guaranteed! Otherwise I will get to the images over a course of the next couple weeks and email them or post them to FB and IG as I get them done. They will “trickle” out so to speak.

4. What I expect of you: Be kind, be fun, be creative, be coachable, be up to try anything to get the shot, be sober. Here’s some don’ts: Don’t be demanding, don’t be a bitch, don’t trash talk other girls/models or photogs while we shoot, and don’t be sketchy.

5.. No Boyfriends or Friends: If you hire me you can bring whomever you want. If you are TFP’ing with me (lol) then it’s just you and me. Why? Because there is no way in hell you are going to totally relax and pose like a boss if you are worried about the peer pressure from your bf or friend of not making a mistake or looking stupid. This is not just a theory. I have witnessed it. There was a time I was cool with bf’s and friends coming to the shoot and every time I have regretted it. If you are not secure enough or confident enough to shoot with me on your own I understand. I am sure you can find a different photographer who will work with your needs. (If it is a matter of trust please consider this. I have been shooting here in Vegas for 8 years. If I was a creep, a scammer, had ulterior motives...I wouldn't still be here and be as well known as I am).

In summary, let’s have fun and let’s create. If you are ok with everything I have outlined above then yes, I am very interested in shooting with you!

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